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05.01 – 28.01
Anders Ruhwald


Anders Ruhwald: You will see
Welcome to the opening Thursday 5 January 5 – 8 pm
On Saturday 7 January at 2 pm you are invited
to an Artist Talk with Anders Ruhwald

Anders Ruhwald at Copenhagen Ceramics

Section, Version 1, 2010. Vases, 2010. Glazed earthenware
Photos by Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

You will see

In Anders Ruhwald’s new exhibition “You will see” at Copenhagen Ceramics Ruhwald has chosen to focus in on a specific range of objects. These objects: traffic cones, warning markers and barriers normally all function as specific entities that guide and control movement in the public realm. In this
exhibition the objects are taken under consideration and seem to be changed over. At times the objects are broken down and considered as formal entities, other times they present themselves close to their original form, albeit in ceramics and scaled.

The formal layout of the exhibition plays on our cultured understanding of these objects as they gently nudge the flow of the audience through the space. The objects seem to function close to their original starting point thus questioning how they should to be perceived. Are these sculptural appropriations of everyday objects or possibly just the objects themselves rendered in a different material?

As it often is in the work of Anders Ruhwald this question is not easily answered. The objects seem to flow between various categories – sometimes they seem to suggest a purely aesthetical read, other times they insist on their physical and functional qualities. Yet the objects digress between the public and the private as well: some of the work in the show manifest itself as functional objects such as lamps or vases. These objects share the aesthetic qualities with the other work in the exhibition, yet as form typologies they situate themselves in a different category.

The exhibition “You will see” suggests a sense of collapse between the realms of public and domestic - proposing an uneasy relationship between the two, where anxieties of public life bleeds into the domestic and the decorative.


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